Congratulations Kirsten and Ron!

After many years of going out and domestic bliss, my friends Kirsten and Ron finally decided to tie the knot. They eloped yesterday (August 21, 2006) up in Rockport, MA.


Kirsten is a Boston-based playwright and Ron is an auctioneer and all around man-about-town. They originally met at TOAD in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. Rumor has it that Ron floated into the ceremony on a giant Lilly pad and snagged two flies with his long nimble tongue before exchanging vows. 

Many a romance has been sparked at TOAD, a bar that boasts the perfect nexus of reasonably priced booze and a clientele with moral flexibility and generally low standards.  Not in this case, however!  Ron and Kirsten are two of the most high quality barflies you’ll ever meet.  And they’re lovely.  Did you check out that picture?!

Please join me in congratulating them!

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