My Girlfriend Is Moving To Portland

My swell girl is moving to Portland, OR. 

I think this means we’re breaking up…


Ah, remembering happy times…


And speaking of West coast defectors… Rodrigo is moving to Olympia, WA (probably to become a pack mule for a meth lab or something).

There they go…


Join me in wishing them the best of luck… and a swift and triumphant return to Boston!  Oh, and Rodrigo: FINISH THE VIDEO ALREADY, BITCH!

4 Responses to “My Girlfriend Is Moving To Portland”

  1. punskano Says:

    yes, hot girls do date dave alpert. would you like to apply to be his new one? now accepting applications at

  2. mothermayI Says:

    …but is she JEWISH?

  3. Rob Says:

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  4. punskano Says:

    actually, i take it all back. dave is MINE! ask dave about my muscles… ladies, you don’t want to mess with my muscles.

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