More Stranded Climbers Suck on the Public Tit

You’ve all heard me rant about how mountain climbers are selfish bitches disguised as fitness enthusiasts.  Well, guess what?  The selfish bitches struck again!  Again, climbers got stranded–in the dead of winter–on Mt. Hood in Oregon.  This time, they didn’t die.

According to the article:

The three, two women a man and a man in their 30s, were fed hot food and given warm clothing before being led down the mountain with their dog, a black Labrador named Velvet.

Personally, I’m interested in whether they were slipped a bill for their Happy Meals and the can of Alpo they ate.  And maybe another bill for the rescuers… And another bill for the use of the rescue vehicles… And another bill for all the gas…  And I wish they’d send me their addresses, so I, too, can send a bill for the time it took for me to read about their dumb climber asses.

Oh, and let’s not forget poor Velvet the dog.  According to this article, the three climbers used the dog as a heat source:

Searchers credited the group’s rescue to two things — Velvet, a black Labrador mix who provided warmth as the three climbers huddled under sleeping bags and a tarp, and the activation of an emergency radio beacon the size of a sunglasses case that guided them to the group.

Thank goodness the rescuers found these climbers quickly.  Otherwise, I fear we would have had to read about Velvet being used as a food source as well.

And why aren’t climbers required to buy some sort of climbing insurance–a fund that would pay for rescues??  Or better yet, why can’t we just let them DIE???

13 Responses to “More Stranded Climbers Suck on the Public Tit”

  1. Joe M Says:

    These climbers are nothing more than drunk drivers. They needlessly endanger other lives for there own self satisfaction.

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  9. Dave Alpert Says:

    Yeah… The problem is that the “nice site” brigade is just probably the test to see if their spamomatic machine works….

  10. David Lee Heyman Says:

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  11. Austin Says:

    Sitting being a computer, spouting off moronic rants is definitely not selfish. Don’t waste our time because of your own lame blogger’s attempt to compensate for what an insecure, spiteful fat jerk you’ve become. Try spending some time with climbers and you’ll see what a fool you are. We’re quite self-reliant, and the reason why you saw something like this in the news is because it rarely happens. I wish I could say the same for bloggers such as yourself.

  12. Austin Says:

    being=behind, because I know you’d just resort to attacking me for my typos.

  13. Dave Alpert Says:

    Funny that you suggest that I would resort to attacking you for typos. You were the one with the personal attack, calling me an “insecure, spiteful fat jerk” considering you’ve never met me and that it is beside the point in any case. Maybe you should consider sensetivity training.

    I wrote this a while ago, but I addressed 2 issues: 1. the media’s coverage which was too much and 2. the issue that people seek thrills for a number of reasons, but since it is risk that gives these people the “high”, they should take responsibility–not taxpayers. And when others try to rescue them, their lives are endangered as well. And, frankly, that’s not fair!

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