I got up today, showered, threw on a black t-shirt and left the house.  It’s a beautiful sunny day–a little inappropriate for Friday the 13th but I’m not complaining.  On my way to the caffeine store, I passed by a lot of colorfully dressed people on the street.  One woman was dressed head to toe on bright bright red.  It got me thinking about black.

Black is not an arbitrary color I choose for my clothes.  It’s not a 100% conscious decision at this point, but it’s part of my uniform.  Artists and musicians tend to wear a lot of black.  As I was walking, I thought what if the original black wearing artists had chosen that bright red color or orange or yellow or pink instead.  The world would look quite different.  Imagine hundreds of Berklee kids on the streets near where I live, running around sporting pastel pink shirts.  For now, though, it’s still black.  Happy Friday the 13th!

2 Responses to “Black”

  1. jonny goldstein Says:

    I’m not a big fan of black clothing, for artists or for anyone. Bring back the fuchsia!

  2. Marc G Says:

    I have a peach colored “Ratt” t-shirt. I’m so confused now.

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