Follow The Yellow Lined Road - Oh My!

Apparently, the city planners in Cambridge, MA can’t decide whether there should be 2 lanes of traffic headed toward Boston and only one into cambridge down Mass Ave or vice versa.  Right now they’re trying to have only one lane headed towards the Mass Ave Bridge into Boston.  Despite the fact that they made this move at least 3-5 months ago, they have yet to remove the previous double yellow lines and now there are 4 yellow lines.  What is up with this?  Is this some bizarre “field sobriety test” they are running at my expense or is someone looking for a prize at the next Darwin Awards and secretly filming from the MIT student center?  Because I’ve witnessed plently of stone sober people flunk in the middle of the day and practically run me off the road.  I know it is right in front of MIT, but creating this MENSA field sobriety test is so unfair.  Or is the problem that Cambridge blew their 2008 turnpentine budget in February?  I’ve lived here a long time and can say without hesitation that people don’t need another excuse to be sucky drivers.  They couldn’t have accidentally left them there!  could they have?

yellow brick road

4 Responses to “Follow The Yellow Lined Road - Oh My!”

  1. Lyss Says:

    As I was driving down Mass Ave. yesterday, I was wondering what was up with the maze of yellow lines.

  2. Scott Says:

    This is true in many places around town. I’ve compiled a list of some of the spots with strange lane striping and traffic direction in Cambridge on a Google map:

    View Larger Map

  3. Dave Alpert Says:

    Thanks for sharing the map. It’s pretty funny–or sad depending on how you look at it.

  4. Patrina Crutchley Says:

    tylko czas nie chodzi spa

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